Volunteer Information

Why Do More People Volunteer For The American Red Cross Than For Any Other Charity?

Because, Sometimes, Help Can’t Wait!

Here Are Seven Good Reasons To Volunteer Your Time and Talent With The Cleveland County Chapter of the American Red Cross:

AIDS/HIV Education: The Red Cross chapter in Cleveland County will educate thousands of people, young and old, about the risks of AIDS and how to avoid this horrific disease. We will also work with dozens of victims and their families to help them deal with the impact of the disease. And we will continue to develop state-of-the-art testing to insure that our nation’s blood supply is safe: safe not only from AIDS but from all other possible viruses and contaminants as well. Volunteers are needed to help organize and teach classes and to distribute educational materials to at-risk populations.

Biomedical Services: Blood SAand Bone Marrow transfusions save THOUNDS of lives every day here in the Carolinas. Blood donors are always needed to help maintain the necessary blood supplies for our local hospitals. Our Blood Services program in Cleveland County was recently recognized as being a top achiever in our area and our Region was the top blood service program in the Nation for the last six years. Volunteers are needed to help organize and run blood and marrow drives. We especially need volunteers to drive the blood vans to the blood collection sites and to serve as “coordinators” and “canteen workers” during the drives.

Disaster Services: Tornados, Floods, Home Fires, Hurricanes? Cleveland County has experienced all of these. We provide food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and supplies. All for free.  Even more importantly, we work with the victims to help them put their lives back together. To the Red Cross there is no such thing as a SMALL disaster. Every disaster is a big one for the people affected, so we respond to every single family house fire with the same compassion and aid that we would offer victims of a major, headline making disaster. Be a hero; become a volunteer member of our Disaster Action Team.

Health and Safety Services: CPR and First Aid save lives and the Red Cross trains hundreds of people in Cleveland County every month in the use of these life-saving techniques. We also offer training in sports medicine for coaches, baby-sitting, how to lift heavy objects without injury, water safety and life-guarding, and many other valuable skills. Take a class yourself. Then take the training to become an instructor. You can make a real difference!

Emergency Transportation: Our Red Cross volunteers transport essential medical personnel during inclement weather and make emergency blood transport deliveries from the central blood bank to our local hospitals when supplies get critically low. Volunteers get a tremendous sense of satisfaction from knowing that an hour or two of their time can make the difference in a patient living or dying.

International Humanitarian Law:  The Red Cross supports efforts to end the use of landmines throughout the world (and offer assistance to victims of landmine explosions) and to educate everyone about the need to protect all civilians during armed conflicts. The Red Cross is the designated agency for international humanitarian relief. Join with the Cleveland County Chapter and help inform others of these important worldwide issues.

Consumer Service Volunteer.   Put your “people skills” to use helping people enroll in classes, get information about donating blood, or learn how to contact a family member serving in the armed forces.   Your can volunteer your time at either our headquarters facility at 1333 Fallston Road in Shelby, or at our branch office at 210 S. Piedmont Aveon. in Kings Mountain.

And Speakin of Special, Do you enjoy volunteering for special events in the community? If so, the Red Cross needs you!

a We perform variety of services during most of the special events in our area. For example, we provide first aid and comfort stations for public events and we can provide safety exhibits for community health fairs. We also help plan many of the community events, so jump on board for a fun-filled ride with our special events team.

Typical Red Cross volunteer opportunities

Board Member: Volunteers serve on local Red Cross unit boards of directors which help to establish policy and direction.

Consumer Service Volunteer: Volunteers working in the Red Cross headquarters or branch office help people find answers to their questions and problems.

Office of Volunteers: Volunteers assist with setting up volunteer orientation courses, help with volunteer placement, record keeping, and recognition.

Disaster Services: Volunteers needed to respond to local, state and national disasters.

Disaster Action Team: Volunteers needed to respond to single-family fires with a disaster action team supervisor.

Disaster Clerical: Volunteers needed to assemble class packets, stamp and distribute disaster safety information in the community as necessary.

Youth Group Liaison: Volunteers serves as liaison with local youth groups that volunteer with the Red Cross.

Youth Team Leader: Adults are needed to help coordinate and supervise activities and service projects. Adult leaders act as positive role models for youth and encourage leadership and personal development.

YoutVolunteers/Programs: Students are encouraged to volunteer answering phones, doing office work, help with mailings, preparing materials for classes and computer data entry.

HIV/AIDS Mentoring: Young people serve as role models and speak to groups of students using Red Cross HIV/AIDS awareness materials.

Health and Safety Instructor: Volunteers needed to teach community as well as preschool and elementary school classes in CPR, First Aid, water safety, and other youth safety presentations.

Baby-Sitting Course Instructor: Volunteers become certified to teach American Red Cross Baby-Sitting courses to teenagers.

Lifeguard Instructor: Volunteers needed to teach the Red Cross lifesaving course.

Water Safety Instructor: Volunteers need to teach American Red Cross swimming and water safety courses.

First Aid Team: Volunteers are needed to help staff special events throughout the year. Advanced medical training is helpful but not required. Advanced Red Cross First Aid and CPR skills are necessary. Training is available.

Armed Forces Caseworker: Volunteers work with local members of the military and their families ensuring the delivery of emergency communications.

Blood Donor Recruiter: Volunteers work with individuals, groups, and companies to schedule blood drives.

Blood Mobile Worker: Volunteers greet and register blood donors and serve refreshments in the canteen.

Emergency Blood Delivery Volunteer: Pick up and deliver units to the hospital.

International Humanitaan Law Instructor: Volunteers set up and conduct classes on International Humanitarian Law.

International Tracing/Services: Volunteers assist in international tracing for persons living overseas, in war-torn countries, who are looking for family members thought to be living in our community.

Grant Researching/Writing: Volunteers needed to assist and work with the Finance Officer in writing grants, etc.

Speakers: Volunteer speakers neeӃded to do presentations within the community.

Publicity aide: Volunteers needed to help inform the community of Red Cross services and needs.

Pinch-Hitter Volunteer: Volunteers available to help with unanticipated or irregular tasks as they arrive.

Clerical: Volunteers needed to assist with bulk mailing, filing, inventory, and for computer data entry, etc.

Maintenance: Volunteers needed to help with routine maintenance duties, including re-stocking supplies.

Special Projects: Volunteers needed to assist with fundraising and special events.

Please note: these are typical local Red Cross volunteer opportunities.There are many, many other ways that you can serve our community by volunteering time with the Red Cross.

Call 704-487-8594 for more information.